6 Interesting Tools to Make Your Website Grammar Free

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Online Grammar Checking Tool

Have you ever come across a website or content which hasn’t made any sense for you?

Perhaps you have started a blog and left it halfway as it got hard to understand?

Terrible grammar can cost you your reputation. In research conducted by Website Planet, it had been observed that websites with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors dropped almost double the number of possible customers when compared to typo-free sites.

They examined more than 5000 site visitors over two weeks and observed the bounce percentage of visitors on websites with grammatical mistakes was 85 percent longer than their typo-free counterparts.

This may have a serious influence on your standing on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The importance of using proper grammar isn’t restricted to companies; research found that 43% of the users found the use of lousy grammar unattractive.

In this age of the digital revolution, now you no longer need a private editor from your side to save you from grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. There is numerous grammar checking software available that can serve as a second pair of eyes.

We have listed the best online grammar checker tools for you.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Ginger
  3. Hemingway Editor
  4. White Smoke
  5. After the Deadline
  6. Language Tool
  7. JetPack
  8. Google Docs/Word document


The AI-powered” writing improvement” tool has managed to obtain mixed reviews. There are two variants available; the free version adjusts fundamental grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, as well as the premium version, gives more in-depth evaluation and hints. It is the best online grammar checker tool.

Comparison of Free & Premium Plan

Features of Grammarly

  • It’s compatible with MS Outlook and Word.
  • It boosts the option of words with circumstance-optimized language suggestions.
  • It may discover over 250 types of grammatical mistakes and helps with sentence-style errors.
  • Grammarly finds plagiarism of this text from more than 8 billion pages.
  • It may also contextually spellcheck the record — for instance, composing deer rather than dear.
  • Creates a writing score that can enable you to know your readability degree.
  • It may also detect continuity mistakes on your text, for example, it is going to capture in case you’ve capitalized the identical word differently in the text.
  • This Grammarly has over 10 million active users daily.

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Ginger- Online Grammar Checker

Ginger is one of the popular and best online grammar checker tools. It comes with both free and paid versions with advance edits.

Features of Ginger

  • Word forecast: The program features word prediction characteristics to get a speedy studying experience. The grammar checker tool finds grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes intricately.
  • Sentence rephrasing software — might aid with rephrasing a sentence that is plagiarized.
  • Language Translator: It can translate the content over 40 languages with accurate grammar.
  • Speech-to-text converter: The VR quality of this software can translate speech into text.
  • Additionally, it assesses your text to plagiarism.

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