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How To Create Free Website On WordPress

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What is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and simpler way to create a website or a blog. In fact among the various website you visit daily are powered by WordPress. The advantage for a beginner is that it allows you to create a free website on WordPress.

If we talk more technically, then WordPress is the open-source content management system, which means anyone can use or modify the WordPress software for free. It is a tool that makes it easy to manage every aspect of a website without having a single knowledge of coding.

Now let’s see below how to create a free website on WordPress.

How to create a free website on WordPress                      

In this blog, I will share with you the complete steps to know how to create a free website on WordPress.

So, let’s start step by step..

Step1: First Signup to wordpress.com

Firstly go to wordpress.com and then you need to get a signup. For this click on Get Started and then you will be redirected to a signup page.

Fill out the signup form with every field like E-mail address, username, password, and blog address(domain name). Then click on Create Blog.

But remember that whatever domain you are creating will be having wordpress.com in suffixed(since you are creating a free website on WordPress). For example, let say I am choosing the blog name createfreewebsite then it is automatically suffixed with wordpress.com. So, the complete blog address would be createfreewebsite.wordpress.com

Step2: Confirm E-Mail and Activate the Blog

After doing this step1, you will see the below screen which will be asking you first to confirm your E-Mail address.

So, click over the email and then click on activate blog to confirm the E-mail address.

Step3: Now, Setup your Blog          

After step2, you will have to fill in a few details about your new website like blog title, tagline, and language. Click on the next step after filling in these details.

Step4: choose and customize your WordPress theme

This step is a little bit time-taking as you have to choose a theme for your website. WordPress offers you both free and premium themes. You can choose any of the free themes and click on the next step.

Now customize the theme if you want otherwise click on the next step.

Step5: Configure your Twitter or Facebook account

Now configure your Facebook and Twitter accounts here. You can also skip this step for now and proceed to the next step. You can configure this item later.

Step6: Click on Finish

After clicking on finish, you have successfully created a free website on WordPress. Enjoy your new look.

Step7: Visit the newly created website

Go to your browser and then enter the complete domain( your website URL ) to view your website.

Finally, knowing how to create a free website on WordPress just took a couple of minutes. Cool! For changing looking and appearance and to make your website more attractive refer to the next section below.

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